1973 Porsche 911 RS Tribute

Starting bid: $50,000
1973 Porsche 911 RS Tribute Oak Green metallic


Lot # 267
Seller: AlfaRacing
Location: Torrance, CA
VIN: 9113100724
Miles: 970 Miles on Build
Engine: 3.0L Twin Plug Short Stroke Engine
Transmission: 5-speed Manual
Category: Classic

1973 Porsche 911 RS Sport Purpose Build Steel RS Flares / Aluminum Deck Lid Carrera 3.0L Twin Plug Short Stroke Engine Recent Complete Restoration/Build   2,300 lbs / Limited Slip Diff.

-VIN # 9113100724
-ENG# 6671697 (930/02)
-Less than 1,000 Miles on Build
-Oak Green Metallic (265)
-Black with Brown WWII Distressed Leather Accents Interior Clean and Clear California Title
-5-Speed Manual Transmission with Limited Slip Diff.
-5 Year/$175k+ Restoration/Build

The build started in 2016 and (as expected) took longer and cost more than the owner ever thought. The shop that found the car started the build. They were responsible for the body, paint, assembly, and transmission. The engine was put into the capable hands of Scott Kinder of KinderSport in Northern California. Scott is a long-time air-cooled engine builder who has built some of the fastest early 911 motors that have made their way into many of the early R Gruppe members’ cars. Highlights of the engine build include:

  • Sourced very rare ’77 Carrera 3.0L (930/02) aluminum case
    • Clean, galley plug r&r
    • Piston squirters r&r
    • Shuffle-pin for >8000 rpm
  • Counterweighted 66mm 2.0S crankshaft
    • Regrind rod journal/cross-drill and balance
    • Magnaflux and polish
  • Pauter custom connecting rods
  • GT3 rod bearings
  • Supertec head studs with ARP connection rod bolts
  • 98mm Mahle cylinders (nikasil) bore and repair
  • Custom designed JE forged pistons
  • DC60 style cams
  • Custom spark plug wires for twin plug
  • Carrera oil fed chain tensioners
  • Carrera 3.2 heads
    • Refinished/ported finishing
    • Aasco springs and retainers
    • Valve job
    • Drill for twin spark plug
  • 993 Turbo head studs
  • 4B cam housings
  • Forged rocker arms: regrind, rechrome, rebush
  • Weber 46IDA3C carburetors rebuilt by Paul @ Performance Oriented
  • Custom 911R style aluminum manifolds black anodized/oversized for large ports
  • Rebuilt oil pump
  • Andial style twin plug distributor built by Jerry Woods
  • Coils and CDI by Parts Klassik
  • Kinder wiring harness
  • Hardware plating to gold zinc (oem)
  • SSI stainless heat exchangers with Dansk Sport muffler
  • Custom fiberglass (amber) RSR fan shroud
  • Powdercoated engine tins
  • 226mm fan/housing
  • Fresh alternator
  • Kennedy clutch package
  • Resurface good condition early flywheelLarger diameter RSR style crank pulley
  • Early fan hub on ’78/’79 226mm assembly (refinished with chromate for RSR look)

After going through the specifications of the engine with Scott Kinder, who said, “everything was touched on it; nothing ‘used’ was reused.” On the current set up provided, this car puts out 245hp.

Other highlights and components of the build include:

  • Corner balance and aligned by Roger Krause Racing Vehicle weight 2,327 with half a tank of gas
  • ST 100L fuel tank
  • Rennline shifter with custom wood shift knob Aluminum deck lid with custom louvers
  • Rebuilt brake system with SC/Carrera brakes Wevo transmission mount kit
  • New rocker oil lines to front oil cooler Carrera front oil cooler
  • Custom suspension system
    • Fox remote reservoir double adjustable nitrogen shocks
      • Carryover from the Safari build
      • Freshly done and very expensive with lots of adjustability Adjustable spring plates
    • Turbo tie rods
    • RSR bushings on front suspension Bump steer kit
    • Fresh torsion bars and trailing arms
  • Turn signal lenses from Aase Sales
  • Freshly rebuilt transmission from 1974 911 (8:31)
    • Guard limited slip differential
    • Custom specified shorter 2nd and 3rd gears TL ratio 5th gear
    • New synchros
    • Bearings and seals
    • Ring and pinion
    • Sachs power clutch kit
  • Restored 7×16 and 8×16 factory Fuchs wheels with RSR finish RSR style front strut brace
  • H4 European headlights
  • Custom media blasted and finished metal hood badge

The interior was all custom done by a local NorCal expert. Highlights of the interior build include:

  • Restored pair of genuine 1975 Recaro Rally 2 Sport Seats
  • Custom leather hides from the Hide & Leather House
  • Modified Recaro sliders for easy adjustment
  • Full leather interior including dash, door panels, knee pad, rear seats, and parcel shelf
  • Restored early wing window frames
  • Hidden and integrated Escort MaxCi 360 radar detector
  • Hidden Alpine Amp with speakers with Bluetooth connectivity Refurbished gauges/Tach was supposed to show redline at 7,200
  • Vintage Victor 380mm leather wrapped steering wheel with hub adapter Early S Haagarn
  • Salt and pepper carpet
  • Black correct headliner with sunroof
  • Custom leather RSA door panels with leather pull strap and custom handle Ashtray delete leather kneepad
  • Rennline pedals with dead pedal
  • Rennline phone mount
  • Hidden fuel pump switch (defrost knob) for theft prevention

For the body, the car was stripped to a bare tub. Factory original steel RS flares were sourced and properly welded into place. Both an aluminum deck lid and fiberglass ducktail were prepped and painted the same time as the rest of the car. Shortly after the car was completed and during the first few days of break in miles, the previous owner was hit in the rear while sitting at a stop light. The driver behind him wasn’t paying attention and thought the light turned green and ran into the back end.

The owner took the 911 to Cars Dawydiak of San Francisco for a complete redo of the bodywork and paint. Wanting the car to be as close to perfect as possible, the car was once again stripped down to metal and properly fixed. There was no damage to the tub, just superficial. However, to paint the car right and have it match, it needed to be completely redone. The only mechanical damage was to the oil tank and engine oil cooler, both of which were replaced.

After the body was done, Dawydiak’s Porsche specialist went through the rest of the car to sort any other final needs. Most of the work was done on wiring, sending units, and other electrical systems.

This Porsche comes with over 50 pages of build receipts, painted to match fiberglass ducktail, photo records of the build, and extra keys.

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