1975 Ferrari 308 GT4 Dino

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Lot # 176
Seller: tygr frank
Location: Fountain Valley, CA
VIN: 10130
Miles: 94750
Engine: 3.0L V-8
Transmission: 5 speed manual
Category: Classic Exotic Sports

The GT4 was a groundbreaking model for Ferrari in several ways: it was the first production Ferrari to feature the mid-engine V8 layout that would become the bulk of the company’s business in the succeeding decades. The GT4 was the first production Ferrari with Bertone (rather than Pininfarina) designed bodywork. Pininfarina was upset by the decision to give cross-town rival Bertone the design, considering all they had done for Ferrari. The styling featured angular lines entirely different from its curvaceous 2-seater brother, the Dino 246, and was controversial at the time. Some journalists compared it to the Bertone-designed Lancia Stratos and Lamborghini Urraco, also penned by Marcello Gandini. From the cockpit, the driver sees only the road. Enzo Ferrari himself took a major role in its design, even having a mock-up made where he could sit in the car to test different steering, pedals, and cockpit seating positioning.

This example has been part of a predominant Orange County collection for over 10 years. This classic 4-seater Ferrari has been meticulously maintained and driven primarily to cars and coffee. The car was treated to a fresh repaint to its original blanco (white), with original blue leather seats.

This Ferrari is one of two 308 GT/4’s that has been given the Euro style front nose with full egg crate grill and a more modern fuel injection system installed vs the original webers.

This classic Enzo era GT/4 has had a recent service including replacements of all fluids, new plugs, timing, new battery, oil change, radiator flush, and tire/brake Inspection. The car has a clean Montana title and the exterior is in very good condition. This is one of the most economical Ferrari drivetrains to maintain and is a blast to drive around with a great sound.  If you are looking for something different and not the usual color combo this might be your car.

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JohnB September 30, 2021 11:17 AM $41,500
Puckett159 September 29, 2021 3:23 PM $41,000
Enzo218 September 29, 2021 3:17 PM $40,000
Zman September 28, 2021 10:55 AM $38,000
JohnB September 27, 2021 10:56 AM $37,000
Enzo218 September 27, 2021 10:55 AM $36,500
JohnB September 24, 2021 10:22 AM $29,500
Zman September 24, 2021 10:20 AM $27,500
Enzo218 September 23, 2021 3:07 PM $25,000
Auction started September 13, 2021 10:12 AM
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Very cool car and it is great to see these driven and enjoyed. Bidding on the Supra or I might join in the fun here too. GLWTA

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$41,500 bid placed by JohnB

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$41,000 bid placed by Puckett159

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$40,000 bid placed by Enzo218

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$38,000 bid placed by Zman

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$37,000 bid placed by JohnB

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$36,500 bid placed by Enzo218


Bidding on the E30 but I think these are very cool and undervalued.

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$29,500 bid placed by JohnB

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$27,500 bid placed by Zman

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$25,000 bid placed by Enzo218

HNT Motors

Frankel, yes the synchro in reverse needs to be fixed. It will go into gear but sometimes will pop out. We have not looked into fixing it at this time. It will be taken into consideration for a buyer.


Found this video of the car and wanted to know if there is any issue with the transmission as if sounds like there may be with the reverse synchro as it sounds like the gears grind and the car stalls when thrown into reverse: See about 22 seconds into the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9migAlqhuGk


Just saw one of these at last weeks Cars and Coffee but in traditional Ferrari colors. I think this looks great in white and really shows off the lines.


Great looking Ferrari that can be driven and enjoyed. Love it.


Too bad it does not have the 328 motor but still very cool and a great driver.


These never got much love but I always thought they were cool and different. GLWTA


Thought this had sold but I guess not. These are amazing drivers and are now finally getting some attention.


This is something different and looks like a fun way to get into a Ferrari.


I always loved these and never understood why people did not like them. They are finally getting some love in the collector car world.


Ferrari’s, Lambos and cool BMW’s, just stumbled on this site and love the cars. These older GT4’s are some of the most under valued cars out there. This looks like a fun “driver” that you can buy for not a lot and really enjoy. GLWTS


Watching this and bidding on the 550. Might have to buy both. This looks like a very fun driver to take out and not worry about.


Nice looking 308, should be a fun driver.


Looks like a very fun “driver” quality with a nice upgrade. Bidding on the Mondial or I might be also bidding on this one.


Still loving this driver quality Ferrari.


Bidding on another car but still think this might be the coolest car on the site. Great color, vintage look, and amazing sound.


cool offering with the 328 motor. Liked the sound from vid.


Very unique 308 and should be a very “reliable” driver for someone.


Love this color combo. Saw the Mondial and this is even better with the large motor. GLWTS


Here is another reasonably priced Ferrari and I love the color combo. I assume this can be titled in CA because of the 1975 year of manufacture. Bidding on another car but definitely keeping an eye on this and the Mondial.


This is the second 308 gt4 I’ve seen swapping the motor for the 3.2 liter. Really curious how it drives, bet its a blast! Love that dark/navy blue interior as well!


What a great looking “driver” quality 308.


Interesting car with the better motor. GLWA


Great video and the exhaust note is wonderful.


Never a fan of this body but it looks very good in white.


This was had been driven and enjoyed. Love the video and the sound of the 328 motor. Looks like a lot of fun.


Don’t see too many Ferrari’s in white and this one looks great. It appears to be a driven and loved car. GLWTA