1997 Ferrari 456 GTA

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Lot # 187
Seller: tygr frank
Location: Fountain Valley, CA
VIN: ZFFWP50A9V0105883
Miles: 35,281
Engine: 5.5L V12
Transmission: 4-Speed Automatic
Category: Exotic Sports

The name 456 is derived from the fact that each cylinder displaces 456 cubic centimeters. This was the last Ferrari to use this naming convention until the 488 GTB. Despite its exceptional performance, the 456 has a relatively unstressed engine, which has proven to be a very reliable unit.  A further developed version of this engine was used in the front-engined 550 Maranello grand tourer that was introduced in 1996, which became the most powerful naturally aspirated Ferrari road car aside from the 456.

The chassis is a tubular steel space-frame construction with a one-piece composite bonnet and body panels of aluminum. The body panels are welded to the chassis by using a special “sandwich filler” called feran that, when laid between, allows steel and aluminum to be welded. Pininfarina was responsible for the bodywork of the 456 until 1996 when production was moved to Ferrari. All early cars have Pininfarina script and badge, whilst all Modificatas only have the disegno Pininfarina scripts.

This car is rarer than most models as only 403 456 GTA’s were ever built. This particular example has been part of a predominant Orange County collection for over 16 years. This matching numbers car has an automatic transmission and a top speed of 192 MPH. A beautiful silver exterior and light grey interior make the perfect combination. The car was fitted with custom HRE rims, matching low profile tires, and a custom billet aluminum cup holder.

This modern classic has had a recent service including replacements of all fluids, new dual fuel pumps, new plugs, timing, new battery, new turn signal flasher, oil change, radiator flush, and tire/brake inspection. The car has a salvage title due to bent brackets in the bumpers (front and rear, occurred with the current owner) that have been corrected. Not the result of a collision. Front and rear bumpers were pushed in and insurance decided to total the car. Seller bought the car back and had the front and rear brackets replaced. No major damage and no frame issues. This Pininfarina designed Ferrari has a 5.5 liter 12 cylinder producing 442 BHP. The automatic gearbox shifts cleanly with only 35K miles making this a true Ferrari daily driver.

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12cylhvn June 9, 2021 6:08 PM $27,500
Fast5 June 9, 2021 5:11 PM $25,000
Auction started May 24, 2021 11:11 AM
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$27,500 bid placed by 12cylhvn

Garage Dream Auctions

$25,000 bid placed by Fast5


I spoke to the seller and got a bit more flavor on the title and it really did not have much damage but the insurance company decided to total it and the seller bought it back and did the repairs which really was not much other than straightening the bumpers from where they hit. Don’t think you can go wrong with this one, especially at the pricing.


Just following up on photos of the prior damage??


Looks like a nice example but the title is going to drive the price down 20-30% and I don’t think the BIN price is there. I might have interest at a lower pricing.

HNT Motors

This is per the seller, “I basically drove over a slab of concrete that hit under the front bumper and as I went off the slab it hit the back underneath, no damage to the chassis, just the bumper brackets”. He said that the quote from Ferrari was outrageous and the insurance company decided to not repair it. He then went back and bought it from them and had his in-house fabricator repair the brackets. He said that they did not even have to do any paintwork.

Hope this helps everyone in their bidding confidence.


Seller, do you have any photos of the damage of the bumpers and ultimate repairs?


Bidding on the BMW M2 but this catch my eye. Seems like a very reasonable buy for a 12 cyl Ferrari. It will be interesting how the salvage title affects the purchase price. I was following the 550 and bidding still looked strong even with the title issue. That said, I don’t think it hit the reserve.


I love these cars and this is a very nice looking color combo that makes the lines pop. If you want a “reliable” 12 cylinder Ferrari that can be driven anywhere this is the one. GLWTA