Where Dream Cars Live On: The Story Behind Garage Dream Auctions

Why we started Garage Dream Auctions?

Garage Dream Auctions was founded by entrepreneur and car lover Maury Gentile in September of 2020 with the vision of creating a family-owned digital auto auction platform. After 40+ years of hunting the rarest and most unique collector-cars, from a Nissan Scarab to a BMW M1, Maury found one constant variable, online car auction platforms lacked a personable experience. At Garage Dream Auctions we pride ourselves on the boutique family-owned experience we provide our clients.

What differentiates Garage Dream Auctions from other car-auction websites?

We consider ourselves the “Boutique” of the online car auction industry. An online car auction platform that digs more profound than just selling cars and dealing in mass volume. We’re all about building positive relationships and creating an experience both sellers and buyers can enjoy. That’s why our team at Garage Dream Auctions are true enthusiasts and experts in their field.

Besides the positive relationships and experience created at Garage Dream Auctions (GDA), GDA also has industry-leading features, such as our Auction Goes On section. This section allows sellers to continue listing their vehicle as a “Buy it Now” product if their reserve price does not hit during the auction. Another critical element to us is ensuring your vehicle receives maximum exposure. We do this by giving your vehicle international exposure and allowing us to capture an audience of buyers all across the world.

Garage Dream Auctions’ corporate office is located in Southern California and provides a wide selection of vehicles including classic cars, resto-mods, exotics, and other types from across the United States and North America.

The Garage Dream Auctions Team

Maury Gentile- Founder:

Maury has had a passion for cars since he was a little kid and grew up reading Motor Trend, Road and Track, and other car magazines while dreaming of one day owning a Porsche 930 Turbo, Ferrari 328, and a long list of other cars. Cut to current day, Maury has bought and sold 100+ cars through all different venues (with some experiences better than others). After multiple negative experiences with digital auction sites and other automotive resale platforms, Maury decided to launch his own car auction website-Garage Dream Auctions. Maury had a vision to provide the best possible experience to car sellers and buyers with a family-owned aura surrounding the company. This vision is maintained through our friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Chris Gentile- Manager of Special Operations:

Chris Gentile was born and raised in Southern California, the son of Maury Gentile; car enthusiasm was in his blood. To give context of Chris and his family’s passion, Chris first learned how to drive when 16 in a 1993 BMW M5 with a race clutch, which to this day Chris will tell you “felt like stepping on a brick”. With a background in sales and online advertising, Chris was brought on to the team in early 2022.

Tiger Francisco- Director of Operations:

I have had an interest in cars ever since my parents took me to my first car show on 2nd Street in Long Beach when I was 2 years old. The first supercar I can remember seeing was a De Tomaso Pantera which my mom mistakenly told me was a Ferrari. Ever since that case of mistaken identity, Ferrari has been the pinnacle for me and any time I see a Pantera, I jokingly refer to it as a “Ferrari”. Shortly after I graduated with a degree in Marketing from Northern Arizona University, I received a call from our family-friend Maury asking me if I would like to help him with his new automotive auction site. I put in my 2 weeks that day and the rest is history.