Frequently Asked Questions


The total cost for a seller to list on GDA is normally $100. This is paid once your submission has been reviewed and accepted by our team. However, we are currently offering this for free to Sellers.

If after the 7 days of live auction, the car/part does not sell you have the option to enter your item into our “Auction Goes On” portal. This allows the auction to continue for an additional 15 days. Potential buyers can continue to review your item and submit bids during this time. If a bid is agreeable with the seller, then the item can be sold.

This does depend on the number of submissions we receive, but our team will always strive to have your auction live within 5 business days. We want the experience of both the seller and the buyer to be enjoyable. Our team will work with you to obtain the best offering for the auction.

First, your submission is reviewed by our team and will either be approved or rejected. Once the submission has been accepted, your car or car part is ready for auction. Our team will then review the information submitted once again and contact you for final verification and confirmation of all information submitted.

The goal of GDA is to provide an experience that is satisfying for all parties of the auction. Therefore, a thorough review of all the information submitted, from photos, descriptions, to requested reserve, is conducted. Upon review, if any questions arise during this process or a submission is not accepted a team member will personally reach out to discuss the matter in detail.

Our team creates the auction listings on the website! We take the information you have submitted and create an auction listing that is polished. We will then submit the draft to you for your approval prior to the listing going live.

You have the option to put a reserve on your listing. A reserve is the lowest price what you will accept as a selling price.  During the auction you will have the ability to lower and or remove the reserve all together. Our team will make a reserve suggestion, but it is your listing so the decision is ultimately yours. If the decision is to not place a reserve on your item, we will market it as such.

An auction is live for 7 days total. As mentioned previously, if the item does not sell within this time frame, you, as the seller, have the option to place the item in our “Auction Goes On” portal which will extend the listing for 15 days at no extra cost.

First, congratulations on your listing! The next steps include our team and direct communication between you and the buyer. We collect the buyer’s fee and will then provide you, the seller, with the contact info to the buyer. You personally will communicate with the buyer to finalize the financial and delivery logistics. Although we do not involve ourselves with the financial details, we strongly recommend providing the buyer with original documentation after the payment has been received. Therefore, provide the buyer with wiring instructions and once received send the buyer a copy of the vehicle title.

Once a listing is live, it is live. There is no turning back. However, you are always able to provide more information about the listing. If a buyer has asked for additional information, other buyers may want the same information. Stay on the safe side and provide all detail that will benefit your listing.

Yes! We accept listings from all over the world.

Photos of your listing are essential to hook buyers. Under “How to Take Great Photos of Your Car” we have broken down the necessary images for a successful listing as well as some helpful tips to obtain the highest quality photographs.


You cannot bid on any auction without first signing up. Please use this link and fill out the following info, first name/last name/email and a preferred user name. We will also need your credit card info before bids can be placed.

Although bidding is very simple. Once you become registered you can bid on the site. The listing page will have a “place your bid” button and once you place your bid will then ask you to confirm your bid. Once you do that you are now live in the bidding process. Please note that once confirmed you cannot take back your bid and you will be responsible for the price, plus buying fees, of your bid if you win the auction.

There is a current Buyers Premium of 5% of the winning bid price with a max of $5,000. In this example it would be reached at a $100,000 purchase price. The minimum premium is $275.

Yes and we encourage all bidders to contact the seller and coordinate inspections prior to the close of the auction. Please note that if you bid and win, you will be responsible for the Buyer’s Premium and finalizing the transaction with the seller.

It is our opinion that this helps to create more legitimate buyers on the site. For each bid placed, a hold in the amount of the 5% Buyer’s Premium will be placed on your card (minimum $275 and maximum $5,000). If your bid is the winning bid, the hold will become a charge. If your bid is not, the hold will then be released.

Each auction will show the exact time the auction expires and during the last 2 minutes of the auction for each new bid the expiration clock resets to 2 minutes. This provides additional time for every bidder to submit a final bid.

If you win the auction, congratulations! Our team will then contact you with the seller’s information and your Buyer’s Premium will be charged. Although we don’t handle the transaction we will assist either party with any post questions to the auction close. This is a great hobby and we hope all parties enjoy the auction process.

Once you finalize your transaction with the seller it will then be your responsibility to coordinate shipping of the car/part. Our team can also assist and recommend quality shipping companies for your convenience.

If the auction does not reach reserve the seller has the option to place the car on our “auction goes on” portal. If you reach agreement on a sales price the Buyer’s Premium will be then paid on the agreed upon sales price.