Quality photographs are essential to selling any item online, especially a vehicle. Many times, buyers are unable to physically examine the car and rely on photographs to give them a full breakdown of their full investment. Here are a few essential elements and some helpful tips in achieving the best photos of your car!

Making Your Vehicle Presentable

The car needs a good wash. Yes, that means the interior should be vacuumed and free of anything that will not be sold with the vehicle. A full detailing of the vehicle although not necessary, will draw more buyers in by what they see.

The Correct Location

You want the focus to be the car and the only object that draws the buyers’ attention. Stay away from busy backgrounds and or locations that will distract from the main focus. Simplicity is key. Shoot the car outside with natural light, stick to a quiet street, trees, large parking structure, an area where the distractions are limited. In addition to location, the time of day in which a photograph is taken can be a determining factor of whether it gets posted for the public to see or saved in your archives. The late afternoon just as the sun is setting or overcast days are the prime times to capture your vehicle in all its glory.

Number of Photos

Buyers want to see every inch of the car – the outside, the inside, the bottom, and the top. You will want to start with the exterior views. Each photo will show a different angle of the car as if someone is taking a walking tour of the vehicle. The engine, the brakes, the wheels, all the hardware that engulfs people with excitement needs to be on full display. Be sure to include the underside of the car- working from front to back! Every element of the car should have visual representation and allow the buyer to become more and more intrigued by the product.

All elements need to be featured. The good, the bad, and the not so great. Every photo should be free of filters or edits. This is not a time to conceal aspects of the car! The more photos the better, galleries vary from 35 to 100+ so do not stress that there are too many photos. As Fred R. Barnard would say, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” The more detail you are able to visually convey to the buyer the greater chance of reeling them in.

Here is a list of all the photos you should have of your vehicle:

-Head on shots

-Shots of all body panels

-Rear shots

-Shots that show the entire interior

-Shots of all wheels/brakes

-Shot of engine/engine bay

-Shot of open trunk

-Shot of tool kit, owner’s manuals, spare parts, extra keys, etc.

-Convertibles/Targa tops should have pictures with the roof up and down

-Shot of window sticker/service records (if possible)

-Shot of undercarriage (put on a lift if possible)

-Provide pictures of paint meter readings (if possible)


The interior is where people will be spending most of their time, it’s some people’s second home. You will want to showcase the entire interior and then focus on the individual aspects of the car. The steering wheel, pedals, dash controls, seats, carpets, glass, trim, rubber, and every other detail that makes your car unique. Photograph from different angles and from both sides of the vehicle. There is no detail too small – that means the tool kit and the spares should be included!

Supplemental Information

You have made your car the star of the show! The buyer is now drawn in, you need to close the deal. All relevant information needs to be included for the buyer to have the complete package. The VIN, data plates, car history, service records, stickers/labels, and any other records that add value and verification to the credibility of the vehicle. Congratulations! You have now completed an entire photo gallery of your vehicle and have hooked, lined, and sunk a buyer.

Other Photos

As discussed above you need as many photos as possible to highlight and or accurately represent your car and we recommend a minimum of 35 and up to 100 is not a bad idea. Have photos of the VIN and any other data plates or manufacturer stickers, certificates of origin, engine/trans data plates (verifying number matching), took kits, spare tires and anything else that would add value to the presentation of the car.

Get Your Vehicle Sold!

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